Valentin Khorounzhiy is a motorsports blogger, fan, aspiring journalist and other things like that. He is 18, lives in Moscow and studies political science. He writes about himself in third person because that's not weird or anything.

This blog is for me to write random thoughts and horribly misuse Excel. I wouldn't expect anything much too deep but, if you happen to want some fan input on the sport, this is one of the million places on the Internet where you can find some. And, hey, at least I can deliver my thoughts with some grammatical coherency, so that's nice, right?

Alongside this little project, I also partake in the BackmarkersF1 podcast and write for the blog of the same name. I also do the weekend roundups for PaddockScout, a site dedicated to young drivers and their fight through the ranks on the way to F1.

I have my favorites, as I'm sure everyone who watches any sport does as well, but I generally try to be very impartial and pride myself on keeping an open mind about anybody. As such, the only bias I won't try to hide too much is positive and there is no outright hostility towards any of the drivers (or riders).

Twitter link's on the right, don't have a Facebook, don't really have anything else like that. That's all. Ta-tah.

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